Lang Architects is based in Modiin, midway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. While the office is based on a small core team of permanent staff, an appropriate team of freelance designers, consultants, computerized design artists and others. Nowadays the office is working on commercial and residential buildings, including interior design.

In our work we are committed to a collaborative design process, paying close attention to the client’s dreams and priorities. We honor the process involved in the creation of architecture, just as much as the final product, believing that dialogue improves the project from the perspective of design, functionality and long-term usage. In our experience, the conversation between architect and client imbues the outcome with the essential spirit of the community and region in which the project is located.

Many of our projects are rooted in the quest for a dialogue between inside and outside space, old and new, transparency and solidity.  We strive to create a spatial continuum between interiors and exteriors and between different functional areas.

Sustainability is a core value of our work, woven into architectural concepts from the model of our architectural practice through project planning and technical aspects. We use a common-sense environment-considerate approach, seeking ways to infuse green strategies in conjunction with the client’s priorities. We also incorporate as much sustainable technology as possible within the limitations of budget and environment. Whenever possible we promote restoration or adaptation. As the range of local materials increases year by year, these should be preferred over costly imported materials.

Yvan Lang is a member of the Israeli Architectural Association and is a LEED associate member of the US Green Building Council.