Lang Architects was founded in 2010. Yvan Lang was previously a partner in Oster Lang Architects, a well-known practice based in Jerusalem, and during that 10 year partnership, the office worked extensively in the field of public buildings and residential construction. They also carried out several interior design projects.
Lang Architects is based in Modiin, midway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The practice is based on a small core team of permanent staff. For each new project, an appropriate team of specialists is put together, to include freelance architects, consultants, computerized design artists and others. At the center of each team, Yvan Lang supervises and guides the process and makes sure that personalized service is provided within the dynamic conditions of each project.
These guiding principles combine with features of the former practice, such as the use of high quality design standards to realize the vision of the clients and creative thinking to navigate the often complex issues that characterize Israel’s building industry. We have added the concept of sustainability to the heart of the office’s approach, both in design and in operations.