Private house-Modiin

Originally a typical building in the new city of Modi’in, built by a contractor about 12 years ago. In cooperation with the client, it was decided to carry out a few small extensions to open up the space, and to do a total renovation which included a new division of space and functions on the two floors of the six-room house.

We wanted to create spaces with lots of natural light and a division that allows for free flow between the rooms. We introduced design elements that connect the rooms in a gentle way, like repetitive clues within chapters of a book and at the same time we opened the walls to bring light to the inside. We took advantage of “obstacles” such as columns to create design surprises along the way. Finally, the color palette plays an important role in creating different moods, from something that shouts a welcome near the entrance to something more relaxing at the other end of the room, near the garden.