In our work we are committed to a collaborative design process that pays close attention to the client’s dreams and priorities. We honor not just the final product but also the process involved in the creation of architecture. We believe that dialogue can only improve the project from the perspective of design, functionality and long-term usage. Through cooperation and conversation, we attempt to imbue our architecture with the essential spirit of the community and region in which the project is located.
Many of our projects are rooted in the quest for a dialogue between inside and outside space, old and new, transparency and solidity. We strive to create a spatial continuum between interiors and exteriors and between different functional areas.
Our architecture promotes sustainability, which is woven into architectural concepts from the format of our architectural practice through project planning and technical aspects. We use a common-sense green approach and infuse green strategies in conjunction with the client’s priorities. We also incorporate as much sustainable technology as possible within the limitations of budget and environment.
We believe in Sustainable Architecture in the widest sense. Existing structures should be preserved whenever possible though restoration or adaptation, and if it cannot be rescued, then the existing structure should be recycled. As the range of local materials increases year by year, these should be preferred over costly imported materials. We believe that sustainability for buildings should be measured and approved. Therefore we are accredited as LEED Green Associate by the USGBC

We are also member of Israeli Green Architecture council ILGBC. We are fully committed to a more sustainable approach to the general development of this country, from the broad plane of urban planning through the individual plane of interior decoration. In partnership with “Noemi Gelbart-Architectural Design”, our office is in charge of supervising the certification of several projects according to the Israeli green standard 5281.